Stingy Brim EP

by Stingy Brim

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Stingy Brim's debut EP gets its hooks in early and doesn't let go. Featuring classic rock's holy trinity of big choruses, lean riffs and tasty guitar solos, this Andrew Thorne solo project never overstays its welcome - instead breathing new life into a genre that's earned its place in rock history - and proving once again that the guitar, bass & drum combo is a rock recipe that'll never get old


released May 7, 2017

Written, played, recorded and produced by Andrew Thorne . . .



all rights reserved


Stingy Brim Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Gun Monkey
Every night I go to bed and watch the ceiling spin, I’m still awake at 4:00am
I’ve gotta hold on, ’til the sun comes up again

There’s a dirty little creature running ‘round upstairs and he’s shooting off a gun…

He’s a gun monkey, gun monkey, gun monkey wants to see me dead
He’s a gun monkey, gun monkey, gun monkey living in my head…

I thought of twenty-seven ways that you can kill yourself but I think I’ve found the best; I’m gonna hold on, let monkey do the rest…
Track Name: Made Up
I shoulda turned and walked away but
I shoulda learned my lesson then

I stayed and made it kinda worse for everyone
All over again

So sober up ‘cos you look heartbroken
I’m one to talk ‘cos I can hardly stand

Should we stay until they turn the lights on ?
You got it secondhand

I’m all ready to have some fun
So rain it down on your favourite son
There’s nothing left for you or anyone
We’re made up…

Your mother’s on her best behaviour
Your sister’s just a waste of space

Everybody sitting, waiting for the poison
You got a melted face
Track Name: Rising Sun
She knows a man, can find work in Japan
Making conversation in a club 
She caught a flight and started work that night
That was seven years ago last month

And that fat old man just stinks
But you can smile and pour some drinks
‘Cos next year you’ll be young
In the Rising Sun

She leant across and she said, “I feel dead, there’s a big black hole instead
Of where I thought my great white hope would be

But I can keep it in control
When I get to feeling old”
‘Cos next year you’ll be young
In the Rising Sun

Lights out in Tokyo, forget what you’ve just seen
Come in from the street but keep it clean

If you’re drinking to forget
As you light his cigarette 
If your hands begin to shake
You can focus on the ...
‘Cos next year you’ll be young
In the Rising Sun